12 Month Old Baby Sleep Schedule: Tips for Better Sleep

Your baby is turning into a toddler at their first birthday. They need a lot of sleep to grow well. A 12-month-old should sleep for about 14 hours a day. Most of this sleep, 11 hours, should be at night. They will take two naps adding up to 2.5-3 hours more during the day. A good sleep schedule is very important for their health.

Some babies will start napping once a day by 18 months old. But at 12 months, it’s usually better to keep the two-nap routine. Switching to one nap can be hard. You might try one-nap and two-nap days based on your child’s night sleep. On one-nap days, an earlier bedtime can help make up for less daytime sleep.

Keep up the good sleep rules you started at 6 months. This means doing the same things at bedtime every night, keeping a regular schedule, and helping your child learn to sleep by themselves. With time and doing the same things over and over, your 12-month-old will get the sleep they need. This helps them feel and do their best.

Key Takeaways

  • 12-month-olds need around 13-15 hours of sleep every 24 hours. This includes 11-12 hours at night and 2.5-3 hours of naps.
  • Most 12-month-olds like having two naps each day. But, moving to one nap can be tough.
  • A bedtime that’s the same every night and a regular schedule are important for good sleep.
  • Teaching your baby to sleep by themselves can also encourage better sleep.
  • Knowing the best times for your baby to wake up and sleep can make nights smoother for everyone.

Celebrating a Milestone: The 12-Month Mark

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is super exciting. At 12 months old, your little one shines. They keep you busy. At this age, your baby will hit many milestones. They may stand alone, take steps, sit from standing, and notice words in books.

Your baby will show what they like and who they are attached to. It is thrilling to watch your baby learn new things. But remember, each baby goes at their own speed. If you have questions, talk to your doctor.

12-Month-Old MilestoneTypical Timeframe
Standing Unsupported9-15 months
Taking a Few Steps9-18 months
Going from Standing to Sitting9-12 months
Flipping Through a Book12-18 months
Responding to Name6-12 months
Following Simple Commands10-14 months
Showing Object Attachment8-12 months

As your baby turns one, celebrate every milestone. With your love, your baby will keep growing and surprising you.

Understanding Wake Windows and Nap Schedules

What Are Wake Windows for a 12-Month-Old Baby?

At about 12 months old, babies stay awake for 3-4 hours. Their first nap comes about 3 hours after they wake up. The second nap starts after 3-3.5 hours of the first nap.

Usually, babies go to bed 3.5-4 hours after the second nap ends. But, this can change based on your baby. Some wake up or nap at different times. Yet, try to have them nap a total of 2.5-3 hours and sleep by 7:00-8:00 pm.

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Sample 12-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

7:00 AMWake up
10:00 AMFirst nap (1-2 hours)
1:00 PMSecond nap (1-2 hours)
4:00 PMWake from afternoon nap
7:00 PMBedtime

This schedule is just a common example. Your baby’s day may be a little different. Always watch how your baby acts. This lets you know if you need to change things to keep their sleep right.

12 Month Old Sleep Schedule

How Much Sleep Does a 12-Month-Old Need?

A 12-month-old baby needs about 13-15 hours of sleep each day. They sleep for 2.5-3 hours during the day. At night, they sleep between 10-12 hours. Every baby is different. Some sleep more during the day and less at night.

What Time Should My 12-Month-Old Go to Bed?

Bedtime for a 12-month-old is perfect between 7:00-8:00 pm. If your baby’s sleep is going well with a different bedtime, it’s okay. But if bedtime is late and your baby has sleep problems, try an earlier bedtime. See if it helps them sleep better.

Sleep NeedRecommended Range
Total Daily Sleep13-15 hours
Nighttime Sleep10-12 hours
Daytime Sleep2.5-3 hours
Bedtime7:00-8:00 pm

Nap Time for 12-Month-Olds

Your baby is turning 12 months old, and they might change how they sleep. Most 12-month-olds still need two naps. One nap could make them too tired and sleep poorly. Sudden sleep changes might be due to sickness, teething, learning new things, or a sleep regression.

How Many Naps Should a 12-Month-Old Take?

Keep giving your baby two naps each day until they’re ready for just one. You’ll see this when they can stay up longer happily. Two naps help them sleep better at night and still feel tired for their naps.

How Long Should a 12-Month-Old Nap?

At this age, naps should be between one and two hours. This 12 month old nap schedule gives your little one enough rest. It helps their body grow and develop well.

Optimal Afternoon Nap Wake-Up Time

For a bedtime between 7:00-8:00 pm, your baby should wake from their afternoon nap by 3:00-4:00 pm. This ideal afternoon nap wake up time gives them time to be awake but not too tired. It also helps them not nap too late or too long.

Developmental Milestones and Activities

12-Month-Old Milestones to Watch For

At 12 months old, your baby might start standing without help or take their first steps. They are also getting better at recognizing their name. There are fun activities that support this exciting growth. Each day, you’ll see your baby achieve 12-month-old developmental milestones.

Engaging Activities for Your 12-Month-Old

For fun and learning, stack or play with blocks. This helps with thinking and using small muscles. Also, let your baby have fun with safe sensory items. You could make play dough they can eat or fill a box with Cheerios. Another good idea is a busy board to improve their fingers’ skills.

Encouraging your baby to pretend with toys or things from around the house can be great. Making music together is fun too. Use pans or a xylophone to create songs. These activities for 1 year olds support their growing mind and body.

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The 12 Month Old Sleep Regression

Babies start to avoid naps during the day around 12 months. It’s called the “12 month sleep regression.” They’re growing and changing a lot. At this age, moving to one nap too soon causes problems. So, sleep experts suggest making the time between naps longer. This helps keep the two-nap schedule working well.

Understanding the 12-Month Sleep Regression

By 12 months, babies hit a stage where they struggle to nap well. This is because their bodies and minds are very busy. It’s best to keep them on two naps for now. They need about 3.5-4 hours of being up before bedtime. If you stick to good sleep routines, this phase lasts just 1-2 weeks. But if you start new habits, it might take longer to pass.

Can You Sleep Train a 12-Month-Old?

Having sleep troubles for a while? You can still teach your little one good sleep skills, even during the 12 month regression. Sleep training works at this age. The 5-24 Month Collection has great plans. They help your baby sleep alone for a long stretch at night. Plus, they give tips for naps and any problems you meet.

12 month old sleep schedule

After turning one, a baby gets most of what they need from solid food. A 12-month-old’s sleep schedule is tied to when they eat. The plan is to feed them every 2.5-3.5 hours. This makes sure they get enough to help them grow. But it also means they’re ready to eat their next meal or snack.

Feeding Recommendations for a 12-Month-OldSuggested Intake
Meal FrequencyEvery 2.5-3.5 hours
Caloric NeedsEnough to support growth and development
Meal SizeAllows for appetite at next feeding

Making a good feeding schedule at 12 months can make your baby healthier. It meets their needs and helps them grow right.

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

Your 12-month-old is growing, and good sleep habits are key. Keep up the nightly bedtime routine for 12 month old and a consistent schedule. Also, help them learn to self-soothe to sleep better.

Follow a Nightly Bedtime Ritual

A nightly routine can help your baby get ready for bed. Try a warm bath, reading, singing, or cuddling. Doing the same things every night tells your little one it’s sleep time.

Stick to a Consistent Schedule

Keeping a consistent toddler sleep schedule is very important. Try to do naps and bedtime within 30 minutes every day. This helps them know when it’s time to sleep. It also makes big changes, like going from two naps to one, easier.

Encourage Independent Sleep

Help your baby learn to self-soothe. This means letting them fall asleep on their own. Avoid rocking or feeding them to sleep. This teaches them how to sleep well.

Using these tips, you can help your 12-month-old sleep better. This makes it easier for them to handle new stages and important steps.

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Setting a good sleep plan for your 12-month-old is key. Know when they should nap and go to bed. Getting enough sleep helps them grow well. Each child is unique, so be ready to change your plan.

A regular bedtime and nap time are important for your baby. Add a wind-down routine before sleep. This helps them sleep better, giving them energy to learn and play. Stick to the plan, and your child will benefit.

Every child is different, so stay open to new ideas. Listen to your baby and know when they’re ready for sleep. If you need help, ask a doctor or a sleep expert. Right steps now help your child grow strong and happy.


How much sleep does a 12-month-old need?

A 12-month-old baby needs about 13-15 hours of sleep a day. They should sleep 10-12 hours at night. Also, they need 2.5-3 hours of nap time during the day.

What is the ideal bedtime for a 12-month-old?

The best bedtime for a 12-month-old is between 7:00 and 8:00 pm. If your baby sleeps poorly, try moving bedtime to 3 earlier for a few weeks.

How many naps should a 12-month-old take?

At 12 months, babies usually need two naps. Each nap should be between 1 and 2 hours long. They might get too tired with just one nap.

What are the typical wake windows for a 12-month-old?

By 12 months, babies are up for 3-4 hours at a time. Mornings are usually shorter. The last awake time is often longer.

What milestones can I expect my 12-month-old to reach?

Your 12-month-old may start standing alone and taking first steps. They might sit down from standing alone. They could enjoy turning the pages of a book. Also, they’ll look when you call their name and do simple things you ask.

What activities can I do with my 12-month-old?

You can do fun things to help your 12-month-old grow. Try stacking or sorting objects. Also, letting them play with things that feel and look interesting is great. A busy board and music from homemade instruments are fun too.

What is the 12-month sleep regression, and how can I handle it?

At 12 months, some babies have trouble napping. It’s good to let them stay awake between naps for a little longer. This can help keep their usual two-nap day. You can also start sleep training. The 5-24 Month Collection has plans to help them sleep on their own.

How much should a 12-month-old be eating?

Solids are very important after your baby turns 1. Offer foods and drinks every 2.5-3.5 hours during the day. This is good for their eating and sleeping schedules.

How can I establish healthy sleep habits for my 12-month-old?

To help your baby sleep well, make a bedtime that happens every night. Keep nap and bedtime times the same. Encourage them to fall asleep by themselves. These steps can make your 12-month-old sleep better and handle changes well.