17 Month Old Sleep Schedule: A Guide for Better Nights

Your seventeen month old is moving and shaking! You might be seeing some new behaviors (hello, tantrums), and sleep might look a bit different too. Let’s talk about your 17 month old’s sleep, including naps, nights, regressions, and more!

By 17 months old, your toddler’s personality has really begun to shine! At this age, language development really takes off, and you may be amazed at how much your child is talking. With such a rapidly developing vocabulary, your 17 month old will need plenty of sleep to process and store new memories. Helping your child get enough sleep also improves their mood, and can limit tantrums.

Your 17-month-old’s sleep has come a long way from those first disorganized few months. Now they’re able to sleep for longer periods and take less naps, but also may experience some common sleep disruptions, including regressions.

Key Takeaways

  • 17 month olds may need 1 or 2 naps per day
  • Ideal daytime sleep is 2-3 hours
  • Sweet spot bedtime is 7:00-8:00 pm for 10-12 hours of overnight sleep
  • Goal is 12-14 hours of total sleep in a 24-hour period
  • Developmental milestones include increased vocabulary, improved mobility, and expressing frustration

Understanding Wake Windows for a 17-Month-Old

At 17 months, your child’s wake windows get longer. Wake windows for 17-month-olds are the time they stay alert between naps. It’s key for getting the right wake times for 17 month olds.

What are Wake Windows?

Wake windows are how long kids are awake between sleeps. It’s vital to watch wake windows for toddlers for good sleep. This reduces being too tired.

Monitoring Wake Window Lengths

If your 17-month-old takes two naps, they’re up for 3-4 hours. Seventeen month old sleep schedules change though. Some switch to one nap, staying up 4-5.5 hours. More time means more fun and learning with your little one!

Ideal Nap Schedule for a 17-Month-Old

At 17 months, kids usually take one nap. But, some might still need two naps. Near 13-18 months, most make the switch to one nap. If your child still has two naps, here’s how you’ll know it’s changing time:

Signs It’s Time to Transition to One Nap

Your toddler might take short naps or not want to nap. They could take a long time to sleep at nap or bedtime. Also, they may wake up more at night or too early in the morning.

Adjusting to the One Nap Transition

If your child’s signs match, it’s time to change. If naps are short, or they don’t want to nap, it’s changing time. If they take too long to nap or sleep, wake often at night, or wake too early, it’s a sign.

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule Guidelines

Every little one is unique. Your toddler’s day depends on when they get up and nap. Also, their own signals matter a lot. So, follow these tips for the right routine. Remember, it’s not a strict schedule but a helpful guide. Aim for a flexible routine.

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During the day, kids at this age should eat three meals and have snacks if needed. They should snooze for 2-3 hours. The best bedtime is between 7:00-8:00 pm. They might take 1-2 naps. Aiming for 3-4 hours of awake time for two naps is good. For just one nap, aim for 4-6 hours between waking and napping.

Experts say your 17-month-old should get between 13-14 hours of sleep in a day. At night, they need at least 11 hours of sleep. If they’ve moved to one nap, that nap should be 2-3 hours long. Kids still on two naps should rest for 2 hours and 15 minutes each.

Sample Sleep Schedules

Here are some 17 month old sleep schedules to consider. Your day might change a bit. It depends on when your baby wakes up, how long they nap, and when they’re hungry.

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule with Two Naps

7:00 AMWake up
8:00 AMBreakfast
9:30 AMFirst nap (1-1.5 hours)
11:30 AMLunch
1:00 PMSecond nap (1-1.5 hours)
3:00 PMSnack
5:30 PMDinner
7:00 PMBedtime routine
7:30 PMBedtime

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule with One Nap

7:00 AMWake up
8:00 AMBreakfast
12:00 PMLunch
12:30 PMNap (2-3 hours)
3:30 PMSnack
6:00 PMDinner
7:00 PMBedtime routine
7:30 PMBedtime

It’s important to know these are just examples. Every 17 month old’s sleep schedule can be a bit different. Watch your baby for clues and change the schedule as needed.

Total Sleep Needs for a 17 Month Old

Optimal Nighttime Sleep Duration

Experts say a 17-month-old needs 13-14 hours of sleep every day. At night, they should sleep for at least 11 hours. Bedtime between 7:00-8:00 pm helps them sleep better all night.

Recommended Daytime Sleep

If your little one has switched to one nap, that nap should last 2-3 hours. For those still on two naps, each nap should be around 2 hrs. and 15 minutes. Toddlers this age need about 10-12 hours of rest at night and 2-3 hours during the day.

Developmental Milestones at 17 Months

Seeing your baby grow is so exciting, right? It’s important to know, these steps are just guides. Every child goes at their own speed. If you’re worried, talk to your doctor. They can help.

By now, your little one may be saying more words. Babies usually know about 10 words by the time they are 18 months old. They might try to copy what you say. Plus, they are becoming more active. You might see them running or tackling stairs with your help. They are also dealing with big feelings. This can lead to frustration or “tantrums.”

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By now, your little one may be saying more words. Babies usually know about 10 words by the time they are 18 months old. They might try to copy what you say. Plus, they are becoming more active. You might see them running or tackling stairs with your help. They are also dealing with big feelings. This can lead to frustration or “tantrums.”

By now, your little one may be saying more words. Babies usually know about 10 words by the time they are 18 months old. They might try to copy what you say. Plus, they are becoming more active. You might see them running or tackling stairs with your help. They are also dealing with big feelings. This can lead to frustration or “tantrums.”

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Consistency is Key

If your 17 month old is having trouble sleeping, it’s common. Sleep troubles often last about a week. To get through this, stay consistent with your baby’s sleep. Changing their sleep routine now might lead to more problems later. If you need help teaching your baby to sleep well, my 5-24 Month Collection is here to guide you.

Adjusting for Different Circumstances

At 17 months, babies get better at doing things and talking a lot more. They can say 7-10 words or even more. Still, they might not want to sleep. To help them with this, it’s good to make bedtime fun and longer. Also, stay strong even if your baby cries.

If your 17 month old is having sleep troubles, remember it’s common and will usually last a week. The best way to handle it is by being as regular as you can with sleep. Changing things now could cause more trouble later. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to help your baby sleep better.

Activities for a 17-Month-Old

Indoor Activities

Looking for new activities for a 17 month old? Make a cool house from a big box. Let your toddler help with simple chores. They love copying you!

Outdoor Adventures

Take a walk outside and enjoy nature. A stroll around your area is fun right now. Give your child a bucket for collecting cool stuff. A fun bath with toys is perfect for playtime.

Sleep Environment and Safety Considerations

Your 17-month-old is growing and needs a safe place to sleep. It’s time to think about adding a pillow and a lovey. These comfort items can make sleeping better.

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Introducing a Pillow and Lovey

The American Academy of Pediatrics says to wait until your child is 2 years old for a pillow. Pillows can be unsafe for younger kids. But, you can give them a soft lovey for comfort. Many 17-month-olds love to snuggle with a favorite item.

Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

At 17 months, most kids still do best in a crib. They might not be ready for a big bed because they want to explore more. The AAP suggests moving to a toddler bed around 3 years old. This gives them time to grow and be ready for the change.


What is the optimal sleep schedule for a 17-month-old?

10-12 hours of sleep at night is good for a 17-month-old. Add 2-3 hours of sleep during the day. This means they need 12-14 hours of rest in total. Bedtime should be around 7:00-8:00 pm.

How long are wake windows for a 17-month-old?

Wake time can range from 4 to 5.5 hours for a 17-month-old. If they take two naps, it’s 3-4 hours between sleeps.

When should a 17-month-old transition to one nap?

Some 17-month-olds can switch to one nap. This happens if they start having trouble with short or skipped naps. Difficulty falling asleep is another sign. It might show at both nap and bedtime.

What are some sample sleep schedules for a 17-month-old?

For a 17-month-old, you can follow one nap or two nap routines. With one nap, aim for 11-12 hours at night and up to 3 hours during the day. If they take two naps, sleep through the night should be 10-11 hours. Day naps will total 2-3 hours.

How much total sleep should a 17-month-old get in a 24-hour period?

A 17-month-old needs between 13 to 14 hours of rest in a day. They should sleep at least 11 hours at night.

What are some common developmental milestones for a 17-month-old?

By 17 months, toddlers often learn more words and try to say simple sentences. They also get better at moving around. You might see more tantrums as they learn to manage their feelings.

How can I help my 17-month-old through a sleep regression?

To help during a sleep regression, keep their bedtime routine the same. Try not to change anything in their sleeping habits. Starting a regular sleep routine if you haven’t yet could also be beneficial.

What are some fun activities to do with a 17-month-old?

Fun things for 17-month-olds include making a box fort and helping with simple tasks. Go for walks in nature and enjoy bath time with toys.

When should I consider introducing a pillow or lovey for my 17-month-old?

Think about giving a small pillow or lovey around 18 months to help your child feel secure. But always watch over them with new bedtime things.