Edibles When Sick With Flu: The Ultimate Guide

Eat the right foods when sick with flu. Our guide covers nourishing, flu-friendly edibles to help you feel better and recover faster.

Being sick with the flu is tough, but there are ways to ease it. We’ve crafted this full guide on flu-friendly edibles. It includes nourishing cannabis teas and healing CBD gummies. These edibles options help with flu symptoms like pain, swelling, and trouble sleeping. We also offer tips on the safe way to consume these, and using cannabis responsibly while getting better. No matter if you’re after comforting flu dishes or healing flu cuisine, you’ll find what you need here.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis has a long history of treating pain, dating back to 2900 B.C. in ancient China1
  • Topical CBD can provide pain relief and reduce inflammation1
  • Cannabis may help with COVID-19 inflammation associated with cytokine storms1
  • Vaping cannabis has less negative respiratory impact than smoking2
  • Edibles and teas are safer options than inhalation when sick with the flu

Cannabis and Colds: Can It Help or Hurt?

Colds and flus make people feel really bad. Some think cannabis helps with flu symptoms. But, it’s key to note its effects on our lungs.3 Smoking cannabis, sick or not, might cause coughing, phlegm, and more. Vaping seems kinder on the lungs than smoking. But, if your lungs are already upset from the flu, vaping could make things worse.

Respiratory Impact of Smoking Cannabis

Regular cannabis smoking can cause ongoing lung problems. Issues like coughing and trouble breathing persist.3 The act of smoking adds to these issues. It also weakens the body’s fight against flu viruses.

Vaping vs. Smoking: The Safer Option

Research suggests that vaping cannabis is less harmful on the lungs.3 A study showed that vaporizer users had less coughing. Another found that those who vaped saw lung improvements in just one month. So, for those battling the flu, vaping cannabis might be the better choice.

Does Cannabis Cure Colds and Flus?

Antiviral Properties of Cannabis

Unfortunately, cannabis is not a cure for colds or the flu. Some studies do suggest that it might have antiviral effects. But, the proof we have is not very strong.1

Studies in labs found that CBD might help with illnesses like hepatitis C. It suggests that cannabinoids could fight viruses.1 However, we need more studies with people to be sure. So, for now, the best way to deal with the flu or a cold is to get plenty of rest. It’s also important to keep your distance to avoid spreading it.

There’s ongoing research looking at how cannabis can fight viruses.4 Lab studies showed mixed results. For example, cannabis might not help the body’s response to the flu. This was seen in mouse studies.4 On the other hand, CBD might limit how some viruses grow.4

The link between cannabis and fighting viruses needs more study.4 Before we can say for sure if cannabis helps, there’s a lot to learn. Health experts agree that, for now, cannabis is not a cold or flu treatment.1 Doctors don’t often give antiviral drugs for mild flu or cold cases.1 It’s better to focus on getting better sleep, enough water, and possibly some over-the-counter remedies. This is more effective than using cannabis as a treatment.

Flu Symptoms Cannabis May Relieve

Cannabis can’t cure the flu, but it might make you feel better. It’s known for easing pain, especially chronic pain.3 Key elements in cannabis, like THC and CBD, fight inflammation and stop pain messages. This could help with the muscle aches and pains you get with the flu.

Aches and Pains

Flu often comes with pain and swelling, which cannabis might help with. CBD is especially good at fighting inflammation.3 In fact, a study in 2015 showed that CBD could lower pain and swelling in arthritic rats.3 It could also improve how your body reacts to conditions like the flu and COVID-19.


4 One part of cannabis, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, stops the body from overreacting to flu. And4 another part, cannabidiol, might slow down the virus by boosting your immune system. This hints that cannabis could help with the swelling that comes with the flu.

Sleep Problems

Good sleep helps you recover from the flu, but flu symptoms can keep you up. Some people say cannabis helps them sleep, but science isn’t sure yet.3 Yet, some types of cannabis are known to make you sleepy. This might help flu patients rest and get better.

cannabis for flu symptoms

Safe Consumption Methods When Sick

When you have the flu, it’s smart to steer clear of smoking or vaping cannabis. These ways could make your breathing problems worse.1 A better choice is to go for edibles like CBD gummies and tea with cannabis in it.

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CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are easy to consume and don’t need to be kept in the fridge. They are a good pick for when you’re under the weather.1 Using CBD gummies for cannabis when ill is safe and simple. They last long and are easy to grab.1

Cannabis Tea

Drinking cannabis tea is safer than inhaling it when you’re sick with the flu. It doesn’t bother your lungs directly.3 Even though boiling water can lessen the THC, other cannabinoids stay strong.1 So, cannabis tea helps with a sore throat and stuffy nose without harming your lungs. You can buy it or make your own to adjust the strength.1 Also, you can keep cannabis tea effective with the right storage. Adding certain things like creamer can make it last longer.1

Should You Use Cannabis for Colds and Flus?

Cannabis might help with flu symptoms, but be careful if you’re sick.2 Talking to a doctor first is a smart move. They can recommend how to use it safely. This is based on your health and what you need. If you don’t usually use cannabis, it’s probably better not to start when you’re feeling sick. The flu can already make you dizzy and weak. Adding THC, which can make you feel high, might not be a good idea.2 You could try CBD instead. It doesn’t make you high but may help with symptoms. Remember, it’s best to be cautious with cannabis if you’re getting over a cold or the flu.

If you’re thinking about using cannabis for flu relief, remember to be careful.2 It’s wise to get advice from a doctor first. They can make sure you use it safely. If you’re not a regular user, it’s probably best not to start now. Being sick with the flu can make you feel off balance. Using cannabis with its THC might make this worse.2 Choosing products with CBD, which won’t make you high, could be safer. Always be cautious with cannabis when you’re getting over an illness like the flu.

How Cannabis Helps Alleviate Flu Symptoms

The flu brings intense body aches and pains, which cannabis can ease. The components THC and CBD connect with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This helps lower inflammation and how we perceive pain. CBD specifically targets CB2 receptors, easing muscle and joint pain. THC’s pain relief might also lessen the impact of flu-induced aches.1

Fever and Chills

Fever and chills are key signs of the flu as our body fights back. Cannabis could help by calming inflammation and the body’s aggressive response. Cannabis’s components can soothe the active immune cells, which reduces fever and chills.5


The flu often leads to too much mucus, causing annoying congestion. Studies suggest THC and CBD might cut down on mucus, clearing up the nose and chest. This can help people breathe better during their flu fight.5

Runny Nose

Too much mucus creates a runny nose during the flu. Cannabis’s compounds can lower the excess mucus, easing the irritation of a runny nose.5


Headaches are a frequent flu symptom which cannabis might ease. Its compounds can expand blood vessels in the brain, boosting oxygen flow and lessening headache pain. They also interact with brain receptors that manage pain, lowering headache discomfort.5


The flu can make us feel overwhelmingly tired. Though we’re not sure how it works, medical cannabis could cut down on tiredness. This might give some relief to flu patients exhausted by the illness.5

Best Ways to Consume Cannabis for Flu

When you have the flu, avoid smoking or vaping cannabis. These can make your breathing worse.3 Instead, use edibles, tinctures, or topicals for flu relief.5 Eating cannabis, like with CBD gummies or tea, helps without hurting your throat. Topical cannabis products can help specific areas, like sore muscles, without breathing problems. So, not breathing it in is best when you’re battling the flu.

Consumption MethodPotential BenefitsPotential Drawbacks
Edibles (CBD Gummies, Cannabis-infused Tea)
  • Avoids lung irritation
  • Provides systemic relief
  • Potential anti-inflammatory effects
  • Delayed onset of effects
  • Potential for gastrointestinal side effects
  • Faster absorption than edible
  • Precise dosing control
  • Avoids lung irritation
  • Potential for gastrointestinal side effects
  • May have bitter taste
  • Localized relief for aches and pains
  • Avoids lung irritation
  • May have anti-inflammatory effects
  • Effects limited to application area
  • May cause skin irritation
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Using non-inhalation ways like edibles, tinctures, and topicals is safest for fighting the flu.35 This way you can get the good parts of cannabis without making your flu symptoms worse.

Precautions for Using Cannabis When Sick

When you’re sick, cannabis might seem like it could help with flu symptoms. But there are important things to keep in mind before you use.3

Doctors warn against smoking or vaping cannabis if you’re under the weather. These methods could further harm your already irritated lungs.3

If you’re not used to cannabis, it’s better to skip it while you’re sick. The flu can make you feel weak and dizzy, and mixing this with cannabis’ high can make things worse.3

Instead, try safer products like CBD. These don’t get you high.3

Always talk to a doctor before trying cannabis for the flu. They can help you use it in a way that’s both safe and could work.3

Potential Risks of Using Cannabis While SickPrecautions to Take
  • Further irritation of the respiratory system from smoking or vaping3
  • Increased dizziness and weakness due to the intoxicating effects of THC3
  • Exacerbation of stomach issues like pain and inflammation3
  • Potential interactions with medications like dextromethorphan and alcohol6
  1. Avoid smoking or vaping cannabis and opt for edibles, tinctures, or topicals3
  2. Consider non-psychoactive CBD as a safer alternative3
  3. Consult a healthcare provider for guidance on responsible cannabis use while sick3
  4. Monitor for interactions with other medications and substances6

Using cannabis with care could ease your flu symptoms. But remember, it’s not a substitute for rest and other treatments.3

edibles when sick with flu

When you have the flu, focusing on nutritious foods is key. Healthy edibles that include cannabis can help you feel better. They are good for both easing symptoms and providing needed nutrients during recovery.5

Edibles such as CBD gummies or cannabis teas can help with a sore throat and body aches. They may also help you sleep better. These options are safer than smoking. They might include honey, ginger, or citrus to boost your immune system. This can help you heal faster.5

Cannabis has been used for pain since ancient times, showing how safe it can be.1 It’s been found helpful for dealing with the flu’s main symptoms. Marijuana’s safety record is good compared to many other pain medications.1

CBD is safer than THC and has few side effects. This makes it a good choice for those starting with cannabis.1

Weed smoke might also ease inflammation from a cold or flu. It could help with a sore throat, blocked nose, and fever.3 For chronic pain, cannabis appears to be a useful remedy. A review found that THC could improve sleep, at least in the short term.3

Adding cannabis edibles to your flu recovery could offer comfort and relief. Gummies and teas are safe options. They can help you manage flu symptoms without the dangers of smoking or vaping. Plus, they provide essential nutrients to support your recovery.5

Consumer Experiences with Cannabis for Colds/Flus

Many people say cannabis has helped them when they had a cold or the flu. They find it eases problems like not being able to sleep and body aches.1 The high from THC is thought to make mood better and take the mind off feeling bad.1 Some choose products with CBD that don’t make them high. They say CBD helps with swelling and breathing.2 So, it seems cannabis could help make getting better more bearable for some.

Symptom ReliefSmokingVaping
Chronic Respiratory Symptoms40% lower risk2
Respiratory Symptoms and Lung FunctionImproved in 12 out of 20 people2
Temporary BronchodilationPossible for 15-60 minutes2

People say cannabis helps them sleep better and deal with pain and feeling sick. This is when they have a cold or the flu.2

Is Cannabis Safe for Colds and Flus?

Some people feel a bit better from flu symptoms with cannabis. But, is it safe to use when you have a cold or the flu? We need more info.1 It’s not good to smoke or vape cannabis if your lungs are already irritated. It might make your breathing problem worse.2 Also, THC can make flu symptoms like dizziness harder to handle.2 Starting cannabis when you’re already sick is not a good idea, especially if you’re not used to it.1

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CBD, from cannabis, could be a better choice. But, you should talk to your doctor before using it for flu symptoms.1 We still need more studies to know if cannabis really helps with the flu.1

Responsible Use of Cannabis While Recovering

If you use cannabis to help with flu symptoms, do it the right way. Skip smoking or vaping. These can make your breathing worse.7 Instead, try edibles, tinctures, or creams that don’t go into your lungs.8

Start with a small amount. Watch out for things like feeling dizzy or very tired. These might get worse because of the flu.7 Talk to your doctor, too. They can help you use cannabis safely, considering what other medicines you take.7 Use it carefully and not too much. Cannabis can help a bit, but it’s not a substitute for resting or other treatments for the flu.8


Cannabis might help with the flu but won’t cure it. It could ease symptoms like body aches, swollen areas, and sleep issues. But, use it carefully when sick, especially avoiding smoking or vaping. This can worsen a sore respiratory system. Instead, consider using edibles, tinctures, or topicals, which don’t affect the lungs.9

It’s smart to talk with a doctor before using cannabis for the flu. This way, you can ensure you’re using it safely. It’s best to think of cannabis as just one part of getting better from the flu. Don’t rely on it alone. Rest and follow your doctor’s advice too.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to using cannabis for cold and flu symptoms.10 Some people say it helps, but there’s not enough proof from science yet. We need more studies to really get how using cannabis for the flu works.10

So, be careful and ask a healthcare provider for advice. Use cannabis as part of a full plan to fight the flu. Never think of it as the only solution.10

To wrap up, cannabis might ease some flu symptoms. But, the way you use it and who you talk to is important. Make sure you’re helping your lungs stay healthy. Trust your doctors and use cannabis along with other proven treatments. This will make you feel better without relying only on cannabis.


Can cannabis help relieve flu symptoms?

Cannabis might help with flu issues like aches, inflammation, and trouble sleeping. But, be careful if you’re sick. Smoking or vaping can make your breathing worse if your lungs are already sensitive. It’s safer to use edibles, tinctures, or topicals instead.

What are the risks of using cannabis when sick with the flu?

Using cannabis when you have the flu can make your breathing problems worse. This happens if you smoke or vape. It might also make you feel more dizzy or tired. Always talk to a doctor before using cannabis for the flu.

How can cannabis edibles help with flu recovery?

Edibles like gummies and teas can help flu symptoms without hurting your lungs. They can help with sore throats, pains, and sleep. But remember, they’re not a substitute for rest and medical advice.

Does cannabis have antiviral properties that can cure colds and the flu?

Early studies show that some parts of cannabis might fight viruses. However, we still need more research to be sure. For now, rest and isolation help stop the flu more than cannabis does.

How does vaping compare to smoking cannabis for colds and flus?

Vaping cannabis is likely better than smoking for your lungs during a cold or flu. Research has found that people who vape have fewer lung issues like coughs or tightness. So, vaping may be a safer pick if your lungs are already under strain.

What are the best ways to consume cannabis for flu relief?

When you have the flu, it’s best to use edibles, tinctures, or topicals. They don’t affect your lungs like smoking or vaping does. So, try things like CBD gummies or cannabis teas for relief without the lung problems.

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