How Much Does Done ADHD’s Assessment & Treatment Cost?

Done ADHD costs vary based on assessment and treatment needs, but the startup provides affordable options for comprehensive ADHD care.

If you’re dealing with ADHD, Done ADHD offers an affordable treatment. This online service includes an initial assessment, video calls, and ongoing help for a good price.1

First, you pay $199 for the assessment and a treatment plan. After, it’s a $79 monthly fee for two video calls, talking to doctors online, a personal health dashboard, prescription refills, and free delivery.1

Remember, insurance might help with your medication costs for drugs like Adderall but not the consults or membership.1Yet, you can use FSA or HSA to lower these fees at Done ADHD.1

Done ADHD is all about being easy to reach and easy on the wallet. It’s a way for anyone who finds it hard to visit a doctor in person to get good care. They focus on talking to you online and offering a monthly package.1

### Key Takeaways

  • Done ADHD charges $199 for the start, then you pay $79 every month.
  • The monthly plan gives you video calls, chats with doctors, prescription help, and your own health dashboard.
  • Insurance can cut down on drug costs, but not the other fees.1
  • You can use FSA or HSA to cut these costs at Done ADHD.1
  • The full monthly price, counting meds, is about $100 or more. This changes by what medication you need.1

Understanding ADHD Prevalence and Treatment Options

ADHD is a common trouble for many people, kids, and adults alike. Studies show it might affect about 2.5% of adults all over the world.1 If not dealt with, ADHD can make daily life hard. This might show up as trouble with focusing, staying organized, and managing emotions.2 But, there are new ways to get help, like an online program called Done ADHD.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Common Mental Health Condition

In the US, around 4% to 12% of school kids might have ADHD. This number changes based on how doctors look at the issue.2 More and more kids have been getting treatment for ADHD since the 1980s. In North Dakota, for example, children with ADHD made up nearly 2% of health expenses.2

The Impact of Untreated ADHD on Quality of Life

Having ADHD can cost more in medical bills. For kids, this can vary from $503 to $2,567.2 Adults might see costs from almost $5,000 to over $5,000.2 This is more than what adults without ADHD might pay for health care.2 It also costs more to treat kids with ADHD over time. Their yearly health care costs can be over double those without ADHD.2

Exploring Done ADHD: An Online Subscription-Based Treatment Program

Done ADHD is an online service that offers ADHD care. It provides video visits that last 15 to 30 minutes. This can make it easier for people, even kids as young as 6, to get help.1

What is Done ADHD?

Done ADHD is an online service that helps with ADHD. It offers video talks with doctors, chats with a Care Team, and a personal health site. Plus, getting medicine is easy and it’s sent for free. You can use Done ADHD if you’re 6 or older, making it great for both kids and grown-ups needing ADHD help.1

Key Features of Done ADHD

The service includes talks with doctors online, chats with experts, and a special health site personalized for you. It’s easy to get your medicine and they send it to your door at no cost.1

Convenient Online Treatment for Adults and Children

Done ADHD makes getting help for ADHD easy and convenient. It’s for anyone 6 years old and up. You can talk to doctors, message experts anytime, and get care that fits what you need. This service works for kids and adults, making it great for families.1

How Much Does Done ADHD Cost?

The first visit to Done ADHD costs $199.1 This includes a detailed meeting with a medical provider. After this, the monthly subscription fee is $79. This covers video meetings, unlimited messaging, and a personal health dashboard.1 Medication costs and insurance need to be checked separately.1

Initial Consultation Fee

Getting started with Done ADHD requires a $199 payment.1 This pays for an in-depth look at your health history and symptoms with a licensed provider.1 To book your first 25-minute session, there’s a $20 deposit.3

Monthly Subscription Cost

For ongoing care, members pay $79 every month after the first meeting.1 This includes two video appointments, unlimited messaging, and quick prescriptions.1 The service also offers 24/7 access to care, treatment tweaks, and medication refills.3

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Prescription Costs and Insurance Coverage

Done ADHD doesn’t directly take insurance for consultations or subscriptions.1 Yet, they do support out-of-network insurance. You can use this to get reimbursements from your provider.1 Prescription costs must be verified with your insurance.3 Additionally, you can use an FSA or HSA for payment.1

done adhd cost

The Done ADHD Assessment Process

The Done ADHD assessment process starts with a quick one-minute test. It checks if someone might benefit from the program.1 If they qualify, the next step is meeting a Done medical expert. They will look into the person’s health history and symptoms more.

Initial One-Minute Assessment

This short test aims to see if the Done ADHD program could help someone.1 It’s the first step to judge if more detailed checks and help are needed.

Comprehensive Consultation with Medical Experts

The comprehensive consultation means a detailed health review by the Done ADHD expert. They dig deep into the person’s health past and symptoms.1 This detailed look helps the provider understand how ADHD shows in the person, their needs, and challenges.

Personalized Treatment Plan and Diagnosis

After the detailed consultation, a personalized plan is made with the individual by the Done ADHD provider.1 This plan could include an ADHD diagnosis and a prescription if needed. It fits the person’s unique situation and choices.

Membership Benefits and Services

Done ADHD members get access to many useful services. They make full ADHD care easy to get and use. The membership offers a health dashboard. Here, members can monitor symptoms, ask for refills, and chat with their health provider. It’s all about easy, direct care.1

Personalized Health Dashboard

This health dashboard lets members take control of their ADHD treatment. It gives them what they need to manage their care well.1

Unlimited Video and Online Consultations

As part of the membership, members can have video chats with Done ADHD providers. These chats last between 15 and 30 minutes.1 This is great for keeping treatment plans up to date and getting ongoing support from the medical team.

24/7 Messaging Support and Care Team

There’s also 24/7 messaging support. It connects members with the Done ADHD Care Team at any time. This team includes medical assistants, nurses, psychologists, and pharmacists.1 Members can get the help they need whenever they need it.

Easy Medication Refills and Delivery

Members can easily ask for medication refills. Plus, they can get them delivered for free. This service makes sure members always have their medicine.1

With these services and benefits, Done ADHD is focused on full care and making things easy for its members. It encourages them to be in charge of their treatment.

Treating Other Mental Health Conditions with Done ADHD

Done ADHD doesn’t just focus on1 attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They also help with other mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.1 Their team consists of experts in mental health care. This includes psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners and psychiatrists. They can diagnose and offer medications for these problems.1

Done ADHD provides a wide range of services because mental health problems often coexist.1 People with ADHD might also battle anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Getting treatment for all these issues together is a big advantage.1 Their professionals create individual care plans. These plans mix modern medicine with global healing approaches. Such an approach helps in tackling various mental health issues.1

This detailed care approach makes Done ADHD stand out. Unlike many telehealth services that just deal with ADHD, Done ADHD covers the full mental health spectrum.1 By offering this full care, they can greatly support their clients. They aim to enhance their clients’ lives and well-being.1

Qualifications of Done ADHD Providers

Done ADHD has a top-notch team of medical experts. They provide complete care for those with ADHD.1 This team includes doctors with medical and osteopathic degrees, as well as mental health nurse practitioners. They are experts in treating both ADHD and mental health issues.1 These professionals can diagnose ADHD, prescribe the right medicines, and create individualized care plans.1

The done adhd licensed doctors, done adhd nurse practitioners, and done adhd psychiatric experts are highly skilled. They use the latest techniques for ADHD treatment that have been proven to work.1 Their deep understanding and experience help improve the lives of Done ADHD’s members.1

Working with these done adhd provider qualifications allows Done ADHD to give tailored care for each person.1 The program believes in having expert professionals. They aim to provide great care for anyone, from kids to adults.1

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Unique Features of Done ADHD

One big plus of the Done ADHD program is its quick one-minute check. It figures out if someone is right for the program fast.1 This check makes sure the program matches the member’s needs well.

Done ADHD also gives a treatment plan that is just for you.1 The team works closely with each member to make a plan together. This might include ADHD medicine if needed.1 Such a personal plan helps every member deal with their ADHD better.

Getting your ADHD medicine with Done ADHD is easy. You can easily refill your meds and they get delivered to you for free.1 This means less trouble and no wait for your important medicines.

Promotions and Discounts

Done ADHD doesn’t take insurance for consultation or monthly fees. But they support out-of-network insurance use. Members can submit claims for reimbursement.1 They also take payments from FSAs and HSAs. These can help pay for the initial consultation and monthly membership fees.1

Insurance Coverage and Out-of-Network Support

Done ADHD helps members by allowing out-of-network insurance claims. Though insurance often doesn’t cover their fees.1 This is helpful for those with private insurance. They can reduce their costs with this option.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) Payments

Done ADHD supports flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).1 This way, members can use tax-free money. It helps with the initial fee and monthly costs, making the program more within reach.

how much does done adhd cost

The total cost of Done ADHD breaks down like this:

  • Initial Consultation Fee: $19913
  • Monthly Subscription Cost: $7913
  • Prescription Costs: Vary with the medication and insurance1

Done ADHD’s program is for both adults and kids over 6.1 You pay $199 for the first visit. Then, it’s $79 every month for two video chats and unlimited texting with experts.1 Insurance usually doesn’t pay for these costs. But, Done ADHD helps by taking FSA and HSA payments and offering out-of-network insurance help.1

ADHD is a common issue, affecting about 2.5% of adults globally.1 Done ADHD pairs you with skilled doctors and health professionals who are experts in treating ADHD.1 For $79 a month, you get video chats, communication online, automatic refills, and a health dashboard just for you.1

Pharmacy Challenges and Prescription Delays

In recent times, big pharmacies like Walmart and CVS started to block or delay orders from telehealth services. One such service is Done ADHD. They worry that too many ADHD meds, like Adderall, are being prescribed.1 This, in turn, is leading to long wait times for people getting their meds through the Done ADHD program.1 Done ADHD is aware of this problem and is trying to fix it by helping patients switch to other pharmacies.

The issues with filling done adhd prescriptions show the hurdles that telehealth companies can meet. These include prescription restrictions, lack of meds, staff problems, the need for insurance approval, and strict rules on ADHD drug use. All these factors can make it harder to get prescriptions fast.4

Even if some states let people get part of their prescription early,4 lack of certain ADHD meds has been ongoing. Drugs like Dyanavel XR and guanfacine are facing problems.4 The FDA watches over drug shortages and asks people to report any they notice. But, knowing what your insurance covers is key to getting your meds fast.4

It’s crucial to keep organized when handling many family members’ meds. Certain insurance plans will allow refills for up to 90 days, saving money and time.4 Also, being friendly with your pharmacy staff can make solving refill issues easier.4

Despite the roadblocks, Done ADHD is committed to helping its clients. They aim to fix the problem so everyone can get their medicines without too much trouble.

Making ADHD Treatment Accessible

The Done ADHD program focuses on making ADHD treatment easy to reach and use for those who find it hard to visit in person. This program is online and works through a subscription. It offers care like video chats for 15 to 30 minutes,1 messages support 24/7, and simple ways to refill medications.1 This way, getting help for ADHD becomes less complicated, and more people can use it.

The first visit to Done ADHD costs $199, after which it’s only $79 a month.1 This is much cheaper and more available than the usual clinic visits. It even allows payment through flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts.1 Anyone from age 6 onwards can join, making it easy for families and individuals dealing with ADHD to access care.1

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Some insurance plans help with the cost of medications, but not the payments for checkups and being a part of the program.1 Still, Done ADHD is great at managing medications and works with licensed doctors. Their online system is both easy to use and fits many budgets. This makes it a smart choice for those looking for an easy way to treat ADHD.1

Potential Drawbacks and Limitations

Done ADHD is a handy program for managing ADHD, yet it misses out on therapy or counseling.5 The monthly talks are about sharing progress and keeping the treatment in check. They aren’t for deep therapy.

Lack of Therapy or Counseling Services

This program doesn’t serve direct therapy or counseling help, just video talks to check on health.5 For those needing more help than just medicine, this can be an issue.

Prescription and Medication Access Issues

Problems with getting ADHD drugs have surfaced lately, affecting some users of Done ADHD.5 Big pharmacies are delaying or turning down prescriptions from online health services. This can mess up getting the care and drugs you need.


Done ADHD changes the game by offering a subscription-based program. It helps people deal with ADHD without huge costs. For $199 upfront and $79 each month, you get a lot. This includes video chats with doctors, easy communication, a personal health area, and simple ways to get your meds.6 Some costs aren’t covered by insurance, like the start-up fee and monthly dues. But you can use your FSA or HSA to pay for some services.6 While Done ADHD might lack a few therapy options and could face issues with getting meds, it offers a full way to treat ADHD.

Done ADHD wants to help more people get affordable support for ADHD. Their plan is all online and aims to cut treatment barriers. Even though it may miss a few therapy services and have some medication hurdles, it’s a good choice for managing ADHD.7

Done ADHD is a budget-friendly choice for those needing ADHD care. It mixes video calls, online talks, and simple medicine handling. While it might not suit everyone perfectly, it’s a big step in making ADHD care easier and more within reach.7


How much does the initial Done ADHD consultation cost?

The cost for the first Done ADHD consultation is 9.

What is the monthly subscription cost for the Done ADHD program?

It is per month for the Done ADHD program.

Are prescription costs covered by the Done ADHD program?

No, the program does not cover the cost of prescriptions. Insurance might help with these costs. But, the program fees do not include prescriptions.

How does the Done ADHD assessment process work?

It starts with a one-minute assessment. Then, you have a full consultation with a licensed provider. They create a personalized treatment plan based on this. This could involve an ADHD diagnosis and a prescription.

What are the key features of the Done ADHD program?

The Done ADHD program includes video sessions with medical providers. You also get unlimited communication with a Care Team, a personal health dashboard, easy prescription refills, and free medicine delivery.

Can Done ADHD treat other mental health conditions besides ADHD?

Yes. The team at Done ADHD can also help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, among others.

What qualifications do the Done ADHD providers have?

The providers are expert psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychiatrists. They specialize in ADHD and mental health care.

Does Done ADHD accept insurance for the consultation and monthly membership fees?

No. Insurance is not accepted for these fees at Done ADHD. But, you can use out-of-network support. Also, FSA and HSA payments are welcome.

Have there been any issues with obtaining medication through the Done ADHD program?

Yes. Lately, big pharmacies have experienced delays with prescriptions from Done ADHD. These delays are related to concerns over ADHD medication misuse.

Does the Done ADHD program include therapy or counseling services?

No, it doesn’t. The program focuses on medical consultations for managing ADHD. It’s not designed for therapy.

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