How to Change Calorie Goal on Apple Watch – Simple Steps

Easily modify your daily calorie burn target on Apple Watch by adjusting Activity app preferences for a personalized and achievable fitness goal.

1 Next, swipe up to check your Move progress. Then, tapping the plus/minus button adjusts the goal.1 You can change this goal easily and then hit “Set” to make it your new target.1

The Stand and Exercise goals can be updated on Apple Watch Series 3 or later, with the newest watchOS version.2 Before you try to modify your goals, make sure both your Apple Watch and iPhone have the latest update.

Key Takeaways

  • The Move Goal on the Apple Watch is crucial for adjusting your health tracking and caloric needs.
  • Users can modify their Move Goal by opening the Activity app, pressing on the rings, and choosing “Change Move Goal.”
  • The Move Goal can be increased or decreased using the plus/minus icons on the Apple Watch.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 or later with the latest watchOS version is required to change Exercise and Stand goals.
  • Ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone are up-to-date before attempting to adjust your activity goals.

Introduction to Apple Watch Calorie Tracking

The Apple Watch’s Activity app is where you can track how many calories you burn each day.3 It uses three rings to show your progress: Move, Exercise, and Stand. These rings show how close you are to your daily activity goals. It’s important to set a goal you can reach, which is called the “Move” goal.3 This goal is the number of active calories you want to burn daily.

Understanding the Activity App

The Activity app on your Apple Watch shows your daily fitness activities, including calories burned.4 The Fitness app on your iPhone tracks trends in active calories, minutes of exercise, stand hours, and more.4 Watching your progress and changing your goals can help you lead a healthy, active life.

Importance of Setting Achievable Calorie Goals

It’s vital to set realistic calorie goals.3 The Apple Watch suggests a new Move goal every week to keep you motivated.3 These targets help you avoid feeling down and keep you working on becoming healthier.

how to change calorie goal on apple watch

To change the calorie goal on your Apple Watch, open the Activity app. Then, swipe up to see your Move progress. Tap the plus/minus button at the bottom right to adjust your calorie goal for the day. You can increase or decrease it to aim for a new target.1

On the Apple Watch, the Move goal helps set how many calories you aim to burn every day.1 The watch usually shows a three-digit calorie goal. But, you can make it a four-digit number by pressing the plus button or turning the Digital Crown.1 Unfortunately, you can’t type in a specific number for the Move goal. You have to adjust it using the plus or minus icons or the Digital Crown.1

If you’ve used your Apple Watch for 180 days, you can see your activity trends on your iPhone. This can help figure out the best calorie goal.1 Initially, the watch suggests a calorie goal based on details you provide like your age. This goal can change over time.1 If you need help deciding on a calorie goal, check the Keep It Going and Worth a Look sections in the Trends feature.1

The Apple Watch might suggest a calorie goal based on your height, weight, age, and how active you are.5 If you outdo your move goal by a lot, you could earn badges like the 200% badge. It’s up to you whether to increase your move goal. It’s your choice.5

You can change your goals whenever you like to find what suits you best.5 Your fitness aims, daily life, health, and what you like all help pick the perfect move goal.5 Tweaking your activity goals can make it easier to hit your fitness targets every day.5 Remember, it’s smart to talk to a doctor to help set the right fitness goals.5

how to change calorie goal on apple watch

Prerequisites for Changing Activity Goals

Before you try to adjust your activity goals, check if your Apple Watch has the newest watchOS version.1 Updating your Stand and Exercise goals may need an Apple Watch Series 3 or later.6 Older models might only let you change your Move goal.1 Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone have the latest updates for full options.

Ensuring Latest watchOS Version

To change your activity goals, confirm your Apple Watch has the most recent watchOS. With the latest software, you can use all the new features and tweaks for tracking your fitness.

Apple Watch Model Requirements

Improving your Stand and Exercise goals could depend on having a newer Apple Watch model, like the Series 3 or newer.6 If your watch is an older model, you might only change the Move (calorie) goal.1 It’s key to know if your Apple Watch can support changing these settings.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Adjusting Calorie Goal

Opening the Activity App

First, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.2

Accessing Move Goal Settings

Once there, swipe up to see your Move progress, which is your daily calorie burn.2 Tap the plus/minus button in the corner. This opens your Move goal settings.

Increasing or Decreasing Calorie Target

In the goal settings, you can change the daily calorie target. Tap to raise or lower it.2 Then, press “Set” to make it your new goal.

Note, some Apple Watch models let you change Exercise and Stand goals. This is for the newest watchOS versions.2

Factors to Consider When Setting Calorie Goals

When you pick a calorie goal on your Apple Watch, think about a few things first:

Activity Level and Lifestyle

How active you are each day affects your goal. If you’re very active, you might need more calories. But if you’re mostly sitting, your goal could be lower.2

Weight Management Objectives

Decide if you want to lose, keep, or gain weight. Set your calories goal to match what you need for your weight goals.7

Personal Fitness Journey

Consider your fitness level and goals when you set your calorie target. Aim for a goal that’s tough but reachable. This will aid your journey to better fitness.5

Recommended Calorie Goals for Different Activity Levels

Your Apple Watch sets calorie goals based on your lifestyle and activities.8 It uses info from the Health app and factors like your age, gender, weight, height, and how active you are.8 Monitoring your daily progress helps you stay on track.8

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you don’t move much, start with a goal of 300 calories a day.7 This will nudge you into doing more light activities.

Moderately Active Lifestyle

Those who are somewhat active should aim for 400-500 daily calories.7 This range fits those who exercise or stay active often.

Highly Active Lifestyle

If you’re really active, set your sights on 600 or more calories a day.7 This goal is for people who regularly do intense workouts or activities.

Tracking Progress and Adjusting Goals

It’s important to check how many calories you burn each day with your Apple Watch. This helps you see how you’re doing and change your goals if you need to.4

The Activity app on your Apple Watch lets you easily track your Move, Exercise, and Stand goals. Seeing your progress can really motivate you.9

When you reach your calorie goals, make sure to celebrate. This keeps you excited about getting fit.4

Changing your calorie goal as you get more active is smart. It keeps your target realistic but still a good challenge.9

Monitoring Daily Calorie Burn

Your Apple Watch tells you how many active and resting calories you burn.9

The “Move” ring shows your progress toward your daily calorie burn goal. This is a great way to keep up.9

In the Fitness app on your iPhone, there’s a Trends area. It shows your activity over the last 90 and 365 days.4

Celebrating Milestones and Achievements

With the Apple Watch, you can win awards for personal bests, long streaks, and big goals.4

The device also pushes you to set new goals. This keeps you trying harder.9

When you meet your daily goals, the Apple Watch rings fill with color. It’s a fun way to see your progress.9

Every Monday, the Apple Watch tells you how you did last week. It also suggests new goals for the next week.4

Integrating Apple Watch with Other Health Apps

The Apple Watch works smoothly with your iPhone’s Health app. This lets you connect and share your exercise and calories burned.10 You get to see a full picture of how healthy you are and the shape you are in.10 You can also use other fitness apps with the Apple Watch, like Strava, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal.10 These apps give you more options and details to add to the Apple Watch’s own tracking. They make keeping fit more unique and complete.10

Syncing with iPhone Health App

The Apple Watch connects well with your iPhone’s Health app. This means all your activity and calories go between gadgets.10 With this, you see everything about your fitness in one place. It helps you understand your health better so you can choose the right fitness plan.10

Exploring Third-Party Fitness Apps

The Apple Watch doesn’t stop at its own Activity app. It’s ready for lots of other fitness apps, too.11 Like Strava, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal. They add functions such as making your own workout, watching your heart rate in real time, and tracking your progress closely.11 All these work together with your Apple Watch to make fitness tracking really yours and complete.11

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Apple Watch Calorie TrackingThe Apple Watch helps users watch their daily calories.10This lets users change their calorie goals. It helps them stay on track and make smart health choices.11
Personalized Exercise PreferencesApple Watch owners can set their workouts with what they need and like.11It makes fitness more personal and fun. It helps users reach their fitness goals better.11
Configurable Workout MetricsThe Apple Watch has lots of workout stats you can pick from.11This lets users set their own goals and see how they’re doing. They can change their workouts as they wish.11
Tailored Health and Fitness DataThe Apple Watch connects with health apps to give a full view of your health.10It offers important info for health choices and aligning goals.10

Tips for Staying Motivated and Consistent

It’s important to stay motivated and consistent with your Apple Watch’s calorie goals.12 Use reminders and notifications to help. This keeps you moving all day.12 Also, join fitness challenges. They’re in the Activity app or other apps. It’s fun and keeps you focused.13

Setting Reminders and Notifications

Your Apple Watch can remind you to work towards your goals.12 It helps you stay active by suggesting when to move, stand, or exercise. This way, you get closer to your calorie goals every day.

Engaging in Apple Watch Fitness Challenges

Join Apple Watch challenges to stay motivated.13 You can challenge friends or the community. This not only keeps you accountable but also fun. You’ll want to do your best to win and reach your goals.13

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you’re having trouble changing your Apple Watch’s calorie goal or managing its activity data, here are some steps to try.14 Users often find their calorie goals adjust automatically, causing frustration. They worry it affects their motivation and success.14 Some expect their calorie goal in the Activity app to stay the same. Yet, they can’t change past activity and can only edit today’s.14

Resetting Activity Data and Goals

First, reset your activity data and goals using the Activity or Health app on your paired iPhone.15 This step could fix any syncing errors. Typically, everyone in the conversation had issues with their move goal.15

Seeking Support from Apple

If the problem continues, contacting Apple Support is a good idea. They can offer help to improve the fitness tracking on your Apple Watch.15 The team might suggest updating your iPhone and Watch, checking personal details, restarting, and calibrating for accuracy. However, it’s unclear how many users received this advice.15

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Staying active and checking your calorie burn with your Apple Watch has many pluses.3

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Exercise makes your heart stronger and betters your cardiovascular health. This lowers the chances of heart disease and similar issues.3

Weight Management Assistance

Setting and changing your calorie targets helps a lot with losing, maintaining, or gaining weight. This is great for your fitness journey.3

Increased Energy and Productivity

Regular exercise boosts your energy and makes you more productive. You’ll find it easier to focus on your daily duties.3

Personalizing Apple Watch for Optimal Fitness Tracking

Make your Apple Watch fit your fitness needs better by personalizing it.16 You can set up your watch faces to show essential activity info like the Move ring and calories burned.16 Also, check out the many workout apps for the Apple Watch. They add more features and tracking, making your Watch suit your fitness goals. This way, your Apple Watch can become your perfect workout buddy.

Customizing Watch Faces

Customizing your Apple Watch faces is a game-changer for tracking fitness progress.16 You can see important data, like calories burned and activity rings, at a quick glance. This keeps you focused on staying active and reaching your daily goals.16 It lets you make smart choices about your fitness every day.

Exploring Apple Watch Workout Apps

The Apple Watch’s Activity app is great, but there’s more to discover with other workout apps.11 These third-party apps let you do things like customize workout goals, do interval training, and get feedback on your performance.11 Find the apps that match what you want from your fitness journey. This addition brings a new layer of personalization to your Apple Watch.

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Personalizing your Apple Watch makes your fitness tracking more about you.1611 It helps keep you motivated for your health and fitness goals.

Future Updates and Enhancements

Apple keeps working to make the watchOS better. So, the Apple Watch will soon do even more to keep you fit.17 You can expect updates that let you set goals just the way you like. Plus, workouts will have more details. And, you’ll see new tech for health and wellness too.18 Also, when new Apple Watches come out, they’ll have better tech inside. This means more help in tracking your fitness and reaching your goals.

Anticipated watchOS Feature Additions

Apple’s updates will keep making the Apple Watch better for those who care about staying fit.18 So, you might get to tweak your activity goals more. You’ll also see workout details in finer detail. And, the Apple Watch will keep up with new health tech.17 This will make your fitness tracking on the watch more and more personal.

Exploring New Apple Watch Models

New Apple Watch models won’t just have updated software. They will also be better in tech and helping you stay fit.17 Each new model will likely have better sensors and faster processors. Plus, they’ll get more ways to connect. This will make tracking your health and fitness data even better.18 So, checking out the new Apple Watches means getting the newest tech. And, it makes tracking your fitness more customized.


Adjusting your calorie goal on the Apple Watch is easy. It helps you reach your fitness goals. You need to know how the Activity app works. Then, set the right calorie targets for you based on your lifestyle and goals19. Also, connect your Apple Watch with other health apps. This makes your fitness tracking personal and effective.20

It’s important to keep track of how you’re doing. Celebrate when you hit goals. And, keep working hard. Apple keeps making the Apple Watch better. This means we can expect new features. These will help us even more on our health and fitness journeys.20

Want to lose, maintain, or gain weight? The Apple Watch can help. It tracks calories burned and your activities well. By setting your own calorie goals, you can use the Apple Watch fully. It also has many apps and features for fitness. This way, it supports your health and wellness in a way that fits you best.1920


How do I change the calorie goal on my Apple Watch?

To change your calorie goal, open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. Then, swipe up to check your Move progress. You can adjust your daily calorie target by tapping the plus/minus button. Finally, tap “Set” to confirm the changes.

What factors should I consider when setting my calorie goal on the Apple Watch?

When choosing your calorie goal, think about how active you are and what you want to achieve. Consider your daily routine and fitness goals. Your goal should fit your lifestyle and support your health journey.

What are the recommended calorie goals for different activity levels?

For those not very active, start with a 300-calorie target. If you move more during the day, aim for 400 to 500 calories. Very active individuals might set their goal at 600 calories or more.

How can I stay motivated and consistent with my Apple Watch calorie goals?

Use reminders and notifications to keep you focused. Joining Apple Watch fitness challenges can be a fun way to stay motivated. Remember to celebrate the small victories along the way.

What should I do if I encounter issues while trying to change my calorie goal on the Apple Watch?

If you have trouble, try resetting your activity data within the app. If that doesn’t work, contact Apple Support. They can offer further help with your Apple Watch’s fitness features.

How can I personalize my Apple Watch for optimal fitness tracking?

Set up your watch face to show important activity data, like calories burned. You can also try different workout apps from the App Store. This can add more features to track your exercises.

What can I expect in terms of future updates and enhancements for the Apple Watch’s fitness tracking capabilities?

Apple keeps adding new features to the watch, making it better at tracking health and fitness. You can look forward to more ways to set goals, track workouts, and even use new health tools.

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