How to Relieve Lower Back Pain from Coughing

Relieve lower back pain from coughing with simple stretches, hot/cold therapy, over-the-counter pain relievers, and resting your back until the coughing subsides.

Coughs are annoying and can lead to back pain. But, there are ways to ease this pain. On average, people get 2 to 4 colds a year, making back pain from coughing common.1 Thankfully, you can feel better and handle cough-related pain.

Steps to fight back pain from coughing are varied. Start by lessening your cough. Cough drops or over-the-counter medicine can help. They lower the chance of you coughing hard, which is good for your back.1 Keeping the swelling down is important too. NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, decrease inflammation and lessen the pain, making coughing easier.1

Using hot and cold packs can also work wonders. Ice packs on your back can cut down swelling from coughing. Change to heat pain to make your muscles less tight and help them heal.

Make your back stable while coughing. Leaning on something and stretching backward can protect your back. Having a good back support, like a special pillow, can stop your back from hurting more.1

Resting is very important too. It’s a good idea to take time off, if you can, to let your body heal. Gentle stretches are helpful, but don’t do them if they make you hurt more.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize cough suppressants and high-quality cough drops to minimize coughing fits and reduce strain on the back.
  • Reduce inflammation with NSAIDs like ibuprofen and apply hot/cold therapy to the affected area.
  • Stabilize your back during coughing by bracing against a surface and using lumbar support.
  • Allow your body to rest and recover, and incorporate gentle stretches and exercises to aid the healing process.
  • Seek medical attention if the back pain persists for more than a few days or is accompanied by severe symptoms.

Follow these tips to ease lower back pain from coughing. If the pain doesn’t go away or you have other symptoms, see a doctor. They can give you more advice.

Understanding Lower Back Pain from Coughing

Sometimes, a simple cough can cause more than just a tickle in your throat. It can lead to lower back pain for some people. This pain could be from different reasons, like a slipped disk, or a strained muscle. It’s important to know what might be causing this pain to help find ways to feel better.

Causes of Lower Back Pain During Coughing

If you already have back issues, coughing might make it feel worse.2 When you cough, the pressure created can affect the muscles in your back. This can cause pain.3

Disk Herniation and Sciatica

Disk herniation is a big cause of back pain when you cough.2 It can press on nerves, causing pain and numbness in your back and legs.

Muscle Strain or Ligament Sprain

If the force from coughing is too much, you might get muscle strain or ligament sprain in your back. This can make your back feel stiff and tender. If this doesn’t go away in a few weeks, it’s best to see a doctor.2

Coughing from lung cancer is very rare but possible.2 Its treatments include radiation, chemo, and sometimes surgery. These help to deal with the cancer and ease the back pain.

Suppressing the Cough

Dealing with back pain from continuous coughing? Start by looking at . They reduce the need to cough. This lets your body rest and your back start to heal.4

Over-the-Counter Cough Suppressants

There are lots of medicines you can buy without a prescription. Like those with dextromethorphan or guaifenesin.4 They work by calming the part of your brain that makes you cough less.4 Honey also helps and it’s natural. But don’t give honey to kids under 12 months.45

Cough Drops and Lozenges

If you prefer, have some with you. They are good for your throat and can lessen coughing.4 The best ones have things like menthol or honey. They stop you from coughing for a bit.4

cough suppressants

Reducing Inflammation and Pain

Dealing with inflammation is key to easing lower back pain when you cough. The first source says taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen helps lower inflammation and discomfort.6 The second source agrees, stating NSAIDs are good for lessening pain and swelling.7

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

NSAIDs effectively manage back pain from muscle, joint, or bone inflammation.6 Source three backs this, saying drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are often used for cough-caused back pain.7

Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold methods can also alleviate back pain from coughing. Source one suggests using ice to cut down on swelling and heat to unwind tight muscles.6 The third source adds that these approaches are good for cough-related back pain.

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Combine NSAIDs with hot and cold therapy for tackling the inflammation and pain from coughing. This helps you recover faster and find relief.

Stabilizing Your Back During Coughing Fits

When your lower back hurts from coughing, it’s key to make your back stable. Cough syrups might not stop all coughs.1 So, use methods that support your back. This can really help.

Lean against something solid, like a wall, and arch your back.1 Don’t curl up into a ball. By doing this, your back handles the pressure better. It cuts back on the pain.

Remember to stand straight all day, not just when you cough.8 Doing simple stretches and exercises helps. It makes your back stronger. This way, you can brace well when you cough.1

These tips can ease your back pain from coughing.1 They work well with cough medicine and specific exercises. Together, they are a strong plan against back pain from coughing.

Importance of Rest and Recovery

If you have a sore back from coughing,6 taking it easy is super important. This lets your body heal. It’s not smart to rush back into things. Otherwise, you might not heal right.6 Resting a lot, like taking time off work, is a big help while you get better from a cough-related injury.

Taking care of your back and resting helps a lot.3 Chronic coughs can really hurt your lower back. And,9 not sleeping well can make it hurt more over time.9 Giving your back some time to rest can stop the pain from sticking around.

Maybe you can’t take lots of time off. But, taking little breaks all day can still help.9 It’s important to get enough sleep. The CDC says most grown-ups need at least 7 hours. This is key for getting better.9 Focus on resting to heal faster and keep more problems away.

Lumbar Support for Lower Back Pain Relief

If you have lower back pain from a lot of coughing, lumbar support helps a lot.1 Spine experts say a thick, round pillow can support your back. It’s useful during coughs and lightens the pain.1 Take this pillow with you everywhere. It keeps your back supported at home, work, or anywhere you go.

It’s vital to use the right support when dealing with cough pain.1 Supporting your lower back stops coughs from hurting more. It helps heal injured muscles and spines from the strain.

A good lumbar support pillow is key to feeling better.1 It helps a lot with cough pain in your lower back.

Gentle Stretches and Exercises

Lower back pain from coughing can be helped with gentle workouts. These exercises are key to get better.10 One tip is to stretch your back muscles slowly. This can ease pain and help healing. But don’t overdo it. Listen to your body.10 Doing small stretches carefully can really help.

Physiotherapy can make your back feel better and move easier.10 It includes exercises like Cat and Camel, Bird and Dog. Also, try Core Strengthening workouts and others.10 Wall Squats and more can also help.10

Building up your core muscles is super important for a healthy back.11 Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to feel the full benefit.11 Moves like Child’s Pose and Bridge Pose are great for the lower back.11

If you sit a lot or do lots of hard work, try these stretches.12 Include lying trunk rotations and bridge poses in your routine.12 Add in deep breathing to feel better and move easier.12

Slow and easy stretches are great for cough-linked back pain. But, don’t do anything that hurts more.10 Be patient and custom with your exercises. This approach is key for a faster and better recovery.

When to Seek Medical Attention

Home remedies can help with lower back pain from coughing. But, there are times when you should see a doctor.2 If you notice problems like not being able to control your bowels or bladder, get help right away.2

Severe or Persistent Back Pain

If your back pain doesn’t get better in a few days, see a spine specialist.2 Also, if you have a high fever, keep passing out, or the pain stops you from doing things, it’s best to get checked.2

Do not rest for more than 2 days for back pain. Too much rest can make your back muscles tight and make the pain worse.1

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Other Concerning Symptoms

Lower back pain from coughing might be from lung cancer if you also cough blood, lose weight fast, or feel tired a lot. Call for help right away if you have sudden trouble with your bowels or bladder, strange leg feelings, a very high fever with cough, or leg and arm weakness.2

If your pain gets worse at night, or you can’t control your bowels or bladder, see a doctor.3 If your back keeps hurting from a cough for several days, find a specialist.1

If you cough a lot and your back hurts, see a doctor. You might need help figuring out the real issue. Many others with a lasting cough have back pain too.3

Managing Cough-Related Back Pain at Home

Coughing can be frustrating, and it brings lower back pain. There are steps you can take at home to ease this pain. A helpful source provides many tips without needing to see a doctor.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Use heat or cold packs for relief. A warm bath or heating pad can relax muscles. This also boosts blood flow. Cold reduces swelling and numbs pain.1 Ice packs are good for swelling and pain.

Low-Impact Activities

Try easy exercises like walking or swimming. They strengthen muscles gently and help the back. This boosts blood flow and healing in the body.

Bracing Techniques

Using a pillow during coughs can help. It supports your back and makes the pressure spread out. This way, it hurts less.

1 Rest helps us heal. But, don’t rest too much. Over two days is not good because it makes muscles stiff and weak.

1 Ibuprofen lessens pain and swelling.7 Aspirin and ibuprofen are types of meds that help with pain from coughing.

Use these tips to help your back pain get better faster.1 But, if your pain is very bad or you get a high fever, see a doctor.

Potential Underlying Conditions

Coughing might make your lower back ache. But there could be other reasons for this. Lower back pain when coughing can point to possible issues. Spinal stenosis and lung cancer are two things to think about.3

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis means the spinal canal gets too narrow. This can press on nerves in your back. If you lean forward to cough, the pain may get worse. In bad cases, you might feel numb or have trouble moving.2

Lung Cancer

If your cough is from lung cancer, your back may hurt too. This is pretty rare but important to note. Signs of lung cancer can also include coughing blood and losing weight. You might find it hard to breathe or feel tired all the time.2

Treatment for both spinal stenosis and lung cancer varies. It can include meds, shots, and even surgery in some cases. If your back keeps hurting when you cough, get help. Early treatment is key to handling these problems. Talk to a doctor right away.3

Preventing Lower Back Pain from Coughing

Coughing is a common response to illness. But it can cause lower back pain too. It’s not just about treating the pain. You can also stop it before it starts.

To keep aches away, work on your core and how you sit or stand. Strong tummy and back muscles help your spine handle coughing jolts better. And sit and stand straight, to keep your back happy. This stops your back from working too hard when you cough.

Core Strengthening Exercises

Building your core stops back pain before it hits. It makes your spine stronger. So, when you cough, your back can take it. Try exercises like planks and crunches. They’re good for your back.

Proper Posture

Sitting and standing up straight is key too. It keeps your spine and shoulders in line. This way, coughs don’t hit your back so hard.7 The right posture means less pain when you cough.

You can avoid back pain by doing core exercises and sitting straight. This helps during sickness too. A strong core and good posture do wonders for your back.

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain from Coughing

Coughing can make your back hurt. But, you can find ways to ease the pain.7 Spend time trying to cough less, manage the pain, and do light exercises. This will help you feel better and heal faster.12

Cough Suppression Techniques

To start, focus on ways to stop yourself from coughing. You can use medicines from the store or throat lozenges. They make coughing less often and not so hard, which helps your back feel better.7

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Pain Management Strategies

Besides easing your cough, you should also work on the pain and swelling that it causes. Take pain pills like ibuprofen. They lower swelling and pain.71 Putting something hot or cold on your back can also help. It lowers swelling and relaxes your tight muscles.12

If your back pain is really bad or doesn’t go away, you might need to try special shots for pain.7 Or, in rare cases, surgery might be the best choice. This is if other ways to help don’t work.7

Always go see a doctor if your back hurts a lot, lasts more than a few days, or if you have other strange feelings, like numbness, in your legs.712

To feel better, work on coughing less, ease your pain, and get help from a doctor.712


Getting a sore back from coughing happens to many people, especially in cold and flu months.13 Luckily, there are lots of ways to ease this pain. Try to stop the cough, use some anti-inflammatory drugs, and use hot or cold packs. Also, keeping your back supported and doing gentle exercises can help a lot.13 But, if the pain is very bad or won’t go away, see a doctor. With the right care, coughing that hurts your back can get better and stay away.

The main reasons for back pain when you cough are things like disk issues, muscle pulls, or narrow spinal canals.13 Knowing this, you can do things to help yourself feel better and heal.14 Chiropractors and physical therapists have some great ways to treat this, like using laser or ultrasound, and doing certain exercises. Their help can really make a difference.13

To wrap it up, coughing that leads to back pain can be managed. Cough suppression, ways to handle the pain, and specific exercises are key. By doing all these things, people can feel better. Plus, it helps stop this issue from happening again.


How can I relieve lower back pain caused by coughing?

To stop lower back pain from coughing, use cough medicines. Rest and let your body heal. Try hot/cold packs and use back support. Do easy stretching to help too.

What causes lower back pain when I cough?

Coughing makes back problems worse. It puts pressure on your spine and muscles. This can cause more pain.

How can I suppress my cough to reduce back pain?

To cut back pain, take cough medicines. Use lozenges or drops to help you cough less.

What can I do to reduce inflammation and pain in my lower back from coughing?

To lower pain, use ibuprofen. This fights swelling and pain. Put ice and heat on your back too.

How can I stabilize my back during a coughing fit?

Lean on something and arch your back. This is better than bending over. It protects your back.

Why is rest and recovery important for cough-related back pain?

It’s key for healing to take a break. Do less to give your body time to heal.

How can lumbar support help with lower back pain from coughing?

Use a soft pillow behind your back. It helps your back while you cough. This aids in healing too.

What gentle stretches and exercises can I do to relieve my back pain?

Do easy, slow stretches to help your back. Keep it gentle to avoid more pain. Listen to what your body tells you.

When should I seek medical attention for my cough-related back pain?

If your back isn’t better in a few days, see a specialist. Or, if you have a high fever or very bad pain. If you still cough after 3 weeks, see a doctor.

What home remedies can I try for lower back pain from coughing?

Use ice or heat on your back. Rest a lot. Take NSAIDs and do light exercise. When you cough, hold a pillow against your stomach.

Can underlying conditions contribute to lower back pain when I cough?

Yes, some health problems can cause back pain when you cough. For example, spine or lung issues.

How can strengthening my core help prevent back pain from coughing?

Work on your core to protect your back. This makes injuries from coughing less likely. Good posture is also a big help.

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