Sleep Shirts: Elevate Your Bedtime Comfort and Style

Find the perfect sleep shirts here. They are comfy, soft, and just right for sleep. Our women’s sleep shirts are top-notch, made with care and style. They use fabrics like satin and cotton, so you sleep well every night.

Key Takeaways

  • Breathable and comfortable sleepwear for a restful night’s sleep
  • Luxurious fabrics like satin and cotton offer diverse options
  • Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties for all-night comfort
  • Soft and cozy sleep attire to help you unwind and relax
  • Stylish sleep shirts that elevate your bedtime routine

Immerse Yourself in Luxury Sleep Shirts for Women

Our women’s luxury sleep shirts are perfect for those who love luxury. They mix nice looks with super softness for you to enjoy. Discover our long sleep shirts and luxury sleep gowns. Each one is made with care to bring a bit of class to bedtime.

Tailored for Elegance

Homebodii’s sleep shirts were called the best by Vogue. They prove elegance and high quality matter a lot. With lots of 5-star reviews, customers say they fit great and feel amazing. These women’s loungewear pieces are loved.

Smooth Satin or Breathable Cotton

Do you like the smoothness of satin sleep shirts or the cool feel of cotton sleep shirts? We have both and more. Our sleepwear is made with care and is safe for you and our planet. It’s crafted with OEKO-TEX® certified materials.

Explore Our Range of Loungewear

Come see all our women’s loungewear, like robes and kimonos. We’ve got sizes for everyone and can make things just for you. We want to offer an awesome personal experience to all our customers.

Choosing Between Women’s Sleep Shirts, Night Gowns & Chemises

Our women’s sleep shirts are not like your usual night gown. They have a more current look but still keep you feeling stylish. They strike the right balance between being comfy and looking good.

The Modern Edge of Sleep Shirts

Our sleep shirts mix the elegance of a night gown with the cozy feel of a shirt you sleep in. They are made with the latest designs, giving a new twist to bedtime wear. If you prefer nights to be both easygoing and trendy, they are just right for you.

Balancing Coverage and Ease

Finding the right sleepwear is all about getting enough coverage without feeling too tight. Our sleep shirts cover you well for sound sleep. But at the same time, they let you move freely, making sure you’re comfy and relaxed at night.

Satin, Cotton, and More

Our sleep shirt collection has something for everyone in terms of feel and style. Whether you love the shine of satin or the feel of soft cotton, we have it all. Dive into our range to discover the perfect mix of luxury and coziness for your sleep times.

Sleep Shirt Fabrics & Lengths

Natori is proud to offer many fabric types and lengths for women’s sleep shirts. We have everything from the softness of satin to the airiness of cotton. So, you can find both style and comfort in our collection.

Luxurious Satin Sleep Shirts

Looking for some glamour? Try our satin sleep shirts. They feel silky against your skin. Perfect for those who love elegance and luxury in their sleepwear.

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Natural Cotton Sleep Shirts

Love natural fabrics? Check out our cotton sleep shirts. They are super comfy and let your skin breathe. Ideal for a good night’s sleep any time of the year. These sleep shirts are all about feeling cozy and laid-back.

Short or Long Sleep Shirts

Our sleep shirt collection has different lengths to meet your needs. Whether you like short or long sleep shirts, we’ve got you covered. Look through our options to fit your sleep style perfectly.

FabricWeight Range (g/sqm)OpacityTexture
Satin130 – 170Opaque to semi-opaqueSmooth, silky
Cotton100 – 130Opaque to semi-opaqueSoft, breathable, crisp
Blended (Pima Cotton, Modal, Spandex)115 – 160OpaqueSoft, smooth, stretchy

Elevate Your Nightwear Essentials

Forget your old baggy t-shirts, and start something new for bedtime. Our cool nightwear essentials are here. Want bright colors or simple looks? We have what you need. Our designs make sure you’re comfy and stylish, even at home.

Our elevated sleepwear comes in many fabrics, styles, and looks. Feel like royalty in our soft satins or keep it cool in cotton. We pay close attention to every detail for your ultimate comfort and style.

Dress up your sleep time with our special collection. Slip into our satin-trimmed sleep shirts for a luxe touch. Or go for the breezy feel of our cotton choices. We’ve got the best of both worlds – comfort and fashion – with our elevated sleepwear.

Product DetailsSpecifications
SizeOne size
Quantity in StockQuantity selected exceeds current stock
Available ColorsBeige, pink, dark gray
  • Full Length: 24.5 in
  • Bust: 41 in
  • Sleeve Length: 8.5 in
  • Shoulder Length: 15.2 in
  • Neck Depth: 7.7 in
Material Composition
  • Main Material: Polyester 97%, Spandex 3%
  • Other Fabric: Polyester 100%

Cozy and Chic Sleep Shirts

Our women’s ¾ sleeve button-down one-piece is ultra-soft. It’s great for staying comfy all night. It’s the perfect choice for cozy sleep shirts that look stylish and feel nice during warm nights. This nightgown has a satin finish, making it feel fancy and comfy. You’ll love wearing our chic sleepwear.

Breathable and Lightweight

Our nightwear for women is light and lets your skin breathe. It comes with easy-to-use chest pockets and a fit that isn’t too tight. Whether you’re chilling at home or taking a good night’s sleep, these pieces will make you feel good and ready for a new day.

Modern Fit and Satin Finish

Make your bedtime special with our women’s sleep shirts. They’re a combo of looking good and feeling ok. The modern fit and satin touch of our nightgowns add a bit of luxury. And, the fabric keeps you comfy all night long.

Functional Pockets and Loose Fit

Want to truly relax? Check out our cozy sleep shirts. They have pockets and a loose fit. These sleep shirts find the right mix between style and comfort. They let you truly relax in style.

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sleep shirt

Sleep shirts are perfect for a comfy night’s sleep. Our women’s sleep shirt collection has many styles and fabrics. You can choose from satin for a soft feel or cotton for breathable comfort.

Our sleep shirts have clever designs. There are pockets, nice shapes, and different sleeve lengths. You can wear a satin sleep shirt for elegance or a cotton one for a casual feel.

You can make your sleep shirt special with our customization options. This includes adding a monogram. There are many colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from.

Have the best sleep with our women’s sleep shirts. They blend luxury with comfort for a good night’s rest.

Premium Women’s Sleep Shirts

Get your nightwear to the next level with our premium sleep shirts for women. They are made with top quality 100% cotton. This means they are super cool and comfy. Look great and feel even better in these stylish sleep shirts. Check out our premium women’s sleep shirts collection for the best blend of comfort and style.

100% Cotton for Coolness

Enjoy the fresh and airy feeling of our 100% cotton sleepwear. These sleep shirts are made with premium cotton knit in the USA. They have been a favorite since 1955. You can stay cool and snug even when it’s hot outside. Plus, you can wash and tumble dry them for softer wear every time.

On-Trend and Luxurious

Love nightshirts that are stylish and luxurious? Our sleep shirts are just what you need. We offer a range of designs from elegant spaghetti straps to satin trims. Each one has a sophisticated touch. Feel confident and relaxed whether you’re at home or having friends over. Discover the best premium women’s sleep shirts and add a spark of luxury to your bedtime.

Sleepwear for Any Occasion

Looking for good sleepwear for women? Our collection has what you need. It’s great for relaxing at home or adding class to your night time. You can choose from many different options. There are bright colors and patterns, or you can go for classic solid colors. Our sleepwear for any occasion fits different styles and choices.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Want to show your fun side? We have patterned sleepwear that is perfect. You’ll love the prints and colors. They make bedtime exciting. Add your favorite slippers and robe for a comfy, stylish look.

Classic Solid Colors

Sometimes, simple is best. Our solid color sleepwear line is perfect for that. Made from the softest materials, they come in colors like black, white, and navy. They give a stylish, elegant touch to bedtime. Slip into these for the ultimate comfy and relaxed feel.

Our collection has many options. Whether you like fun prints or simple colors, we have it all. Make every night special. Feel great and cozy, whatever the setting.

Comfort and Style Combined

Our comfortable sleepwear collection puts together style and comfort. We think your pajamas and loungewear should look stylish. But, they should also feel super comfy. When you both look and feel great, you’re in the best spot! There’s nothing better than that!

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Our sleep shirts mix stylish with comfortable sleepwear. They’re made with top-notch materials and cool features, making your nights better. You might love the soft touch of satin or the cool feel of cotton. In our collection, you’ll find a sleep shirt that’s just right for you.

“I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in my sleepwear. These sleep shirts are a game-changer!”

– Sarah, Loyal Lusomé Customer

Shop Our Sleep Shirt Collection

Find chic and warm sleep shirts for women. They’ll quickly become your favorite for lazy days. Don’t miss our top-notch sleep shirts for women. They make bedtime extra special.

Our collection has many styles and feels just right for you. You can choose from soft satin to airy cotton. There’s a perfect sleep shirt waiting for you, ensuring your nights are cozy.

Make your sleep shirt unique with our embroidery or cool prints. We have sizes from XXS to XL, guaranteeing a snug fit for all. Personalize your bedtime look and sleep in style.

Upgrade your nights with our high-quality sleep shirts. They blend comfort with fashion. Dive into our women’s sleep shirt collection today. Get ready for a great night’s sleep.


Sleep shirts are the best choice for cozy and stylish nights. You can choose from satin’s luxury or cotton’s coolness. Our women’s sleep shirts offer many options to fit your style and needs.

Our sleep shirts are made with care, focusing on comfort. Feel the softness and see the bright colors. They will make bedtime great, helping you wake up happy every day.

Ready to make your sleep better? Check out our women’s sleep shirts. Find the perfect one for you. Enjoy unmatched comfort for better sleep with our premium sleep shirts.


What fabrics are used in the women’s sleep shirts?

We use soft satin and breathable cotton in our sleep shirts. This makes them feel silky and comfy.

What length options are available for the women’s sleep shirts?

We have sleep shirts of all lengths. You can choose from short to long, depending on your style and season.

How do the sleep shirts fit?

Our sleep shirts for women have a modern, loose fit. They cover you well but are still very comfy, whether you’re at home or not.

What are the key features of the sleep shirts?

They have chest pockets and are very loose. This makes sure you’re stylish and comfy while you sleep.

Are the sleep shirts available in different colors and patterns?

Yes, we have many colors and fun patterns in our collection. From bright to solid, you’ll find your favorite.

How do the sleep shirts compare to traditional nightgowns?

Our sleep shirts are cooler than regular nightgowns. They are relaxed yet stylish and super comfy to sleep in.

What is the overall focus of the sleep shirt collection?

Our sleep shirts focus on making you comfy and stylish. Whether at home or just relaxing, you always look and feel your best.