UTI – Where is UTI Located? Learn About the University’s Locations

UTI has nationwide campus locations for automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, and marine programs. Find your nearest UTI school to start training.

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a top choice for those pursuing technical education in the U.S.1 Since 1965, it has grown to include 16 campuses nationwide. Each one is strategically placed to reach students everywhere.1

If you dream of working with cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats, UTI is ready to guide you.1 Their approach includes getting real hands-on and real-world practice. This helps students become skilled technicians in their fields.1

UTI’s multiple locations make it easier for students to find what they need.1 You can check out their campus locator tool online. It helps you see which one is nearest to you. From there, you can set up a tour or visit an event to see your choices and the programs up close.

Key Takeaways

  • UTI has 16 campuses across the United States, offering a range of technical education programs.
  • The institute was founded in 1965 and has expanded its reach and program offerings over the years.
  • UTI provides hands-on training and real-world experience to prepare students for successful careers as technicians.
  • The online campus locator tool makes it easy to find the nearest UTI campus and explore program options.
  • Campus tours and events are available to help students get a better understanding of the UTI experience.

Introduction to Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is a hub for technical education. It offers programs in various technical fields.2 It was established in 1965 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, it has grown by adding new programs and campuses.2 UTI now has 16 campuses across states like Arizona, California, and Texas.2

UTI: A Leading Provider of Technical Education

UTI stands out as a top provider of technical programs. It covers areas like automotive, diesel, and aviation.2 The coursework is made with the help of industry experts. This ensures students get training based on real needs.2 The learning style at UTI is very hands-on. This approach gets students ready for real jobs right away.

Hands-On Training for Various Technical Careers

UTI believes in the power of hands-on learning.2 Its courses help students become experts in their fields. This can happen in as little as a year’s time.2 Skilled professionals are needed in many fast-changing industries. UTI helps meet this need.

Nationwide Network of UTI Campuses

Campus Locations Across the United States

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has 16 campuses all over the United States. These are placed in key spots to help students nationwide.3 You’ll find them in Arizona, California, Florida, and more.3

Diverse Programs Offered at Different Campuses

Every UTI campus has its own special tech programs. These are made to fit the local needs and job markets.3 Programs range from fixing cars to working with big machines.3

There’s a new campus in Bloomfield, adding to UTI’s network of 13.4 It’s a $11 million, 108,000 square foot investment.4 At UTI, partnerships with 30 top brands mean students get great training.4

More than 80% of UTI grads find full-time work soon after finishing.4 The Bloomfield campus can welcome up to 800 students yearly.4 In 2016, 86% of UTI grads got jobs within a year.4

The U.S. government says we need three times more tech workers by 2026.4 The need for these jobs is really growing.4 UTI Bloomfield meets high education standards and works with STEM groups.4

UTI boasts over 200,000 grads in its long history. It’s a big name in training for working with cars, engines, and sea machines.4

UTI started in 1965 and now works closely with about 30 big auto makers.5 With more than 160,000 grads over 47 years, UTI is known for its quality.5 Its 11 campuses offer top-notch programs.5

With 14 campuses in several states, UTI invites you to explore from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time.3 Check out what they offer in car, engine, and welding jobs.3 More than 146,000 jobs could be open yearly for a decade starting in 2030.3

Over 250,000 students have graduated from UTI.3 Its campuses are well-accredited.3 UTI trains under four different brands.3

Through leading labs, students get real hands-on experiences. They get to try out advanced car tech and welding tools.3

UTI Campus Locations by State

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has many campuses all over the U.S. These are where you can learn special technical skills.6 They offer lots of programs like auto work, bike repair, boat engines, machine work, fixing damaged cars, and welding. These are great if you love these areas.6

Arizona Campuses

UTI is in Arizona too, with places in Avondale and Phoenix. Phoenix also has the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI).6

California Campuses

UTI has spots in California, in Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, and Sacramento.6

Florida Campuses

Florida has UTI campuses in Miramar and Orlando.7 The new Miramar campus, since August 2022, is huge. It has places to learn about cars, big machines, and welding.7 The Orlando campus teaches UTI’s usual stuff and has the Motorcycle & Marine Mechanics Institute too.6

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where is uti located

Wondering where the nearest UTI campus is? Just visit the UTI website and use their campus locator tool.6 You can input your zip code or city and state. This shows you the closest UTI campus options.6 When you find the right campus, you can plan a visit. This lets you check out the facilities, meet instructors, and learn about the programs.

Finding Your Nearest UTI Campus

UTI runs 16 campuses all over the U.S., making it easier to find one nearby.6 These campuses are in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.6 Each location offers programs that fit the local job market.6

Campus Tour and Visit Options

Found the UTI campus that’s a good match for your career dreams? Schedule a tour or visit their next event.7 This visit allows you to see the campus in person, meet teachers, and check out the labs. You’ll learn about their specialized training too.

Automotive and Diesel Programs at UTI

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) gives students top-notch training in automotive and diesel tech. This is to get them ready for great careers as technicians.6 They learn by doing and get real-life experience, setting them up to succeed in technical jobs.

Automotive Technology Training

UTI’s automotive tech training is broad, covering engine repair to electrical systems.6 Students develop the skills needed to work on and fix cars. This lets them do well as automotive technicians.

Diesel Technology Training

The diesel program at UTI focuses on big vehicles like trucks and buses.8 Here, students learn to fix and maintain diesel engines and more. This readies them for jobs as diesel techs.

There’s a big need for skilled automotive and diesel professionals.8 UTI’s courses give students what they need to succeed. They learn both in the classroom and by working hands-on. This way, when they graduate, they’re valuable employees ready to help the industry grow.

Collision Repair and Refinishing Programs

UTI provides special training in9 collision repair and refinishing. Students learn new methods and tech for fixing and painting damaged cars. This includes both major and minor repairs and custom painting.10 They get hands-on practice and a curriculum that’s up-to-date.

At UTI, the Collision Repair & Refinish Technology program teaches safety in the repair field. This includes the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and understanding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).10 Students also learn to tell different types of car plastics apart and choose the right way to fix them. They get to practice using adhesives, welders, and other repair tools.10

The course focuses on hands-on work, like fixing dents in car panels. It teaches students to use tools to shape metal, fillers to repair dents, and how to properly sand.10 They also learn to replace parts like doors and panels, and how to install new ones.10

Students also learn welding and cutting techniques. They become skilled in welding steel and aluminum, cutting metal safely, and setting up welding machines.10 The program even covers computer-based damage assessment and how to straighten twisted metal.10

In the refinishing part, safety and environmental care are key. Students learn how to prep surfaces, remove old paint, and apply new coatings.10 This includes mixing paints, picking the right paint formulas, and mastering techniques like sanding and smoothing.10

They also focus on the final touches, knowing how to match paint colors, mix finishes, and solve paint problems. They learn about different paint types and fixing any issues that come up.10

The starting pay for Collision Repair jobs in Massachusetts is about $40,530 a year.9 In North Carolina, skilled technicians earn around $23.43 per hour.9 The US Labor Department expects about 13,400 job openings in this field each year until 2032.9 After their UTI training, graduates might work as appraisers, estimators, or inspectors.9

Motorcycle and Marine Programs

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) offers a lot, including motorcycle and marine technician training. They are known for their automotive and diesel programs too.

Motorcycle Mechanics Institute

At the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), you’ll learn a lot about repairing motorcycles. They include classic bikes to new sport models.11Students get to use the latest tools and tech in their training. Plus, they work with big names like BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, and others.11Classes start often, every six weeks, in Phoenix and Orlando campuses. This makes it easy for those wanting to become motorcycle techs.


Marine Mechanics Institute

At MMI, there’s a focus on marine tech. Students here learn to fix boats and marine equipment.12MMI has over 2,200 students and a favorable student-faculty ratio. It offers a degree that leads to marine tech jobs upon graduation.12The training is very hands-on, and the teachers have real-world industry experience. This helps students master marine tech skills.

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Aviation and Wind Energy Programs

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) goes beyond cars and trucks. It offers courses in aviation and wind energy too. In aviation, students learn to fix airplanes and helicopters. This includes everything from basic maintenance to advanced repairs.13

At UTI, there are also wind energy programs. These train students to work on wind turbines. Wind turbine technicians install, fix, and maintain these systems. The job outlook is very good, with a 45% growth expected by 2032.13

The wind technician training runs for seven months. You can take it in several places like Texas and California. To join, you need a high school diploma or an equivalent.14

UTI works with 3t to provide high-quality training. This partnership also helps to make sure UTI is a top place for wind energy education. 3t is a key player in training for the energy and wind industries.13

Some programs from another institute, MIAT, are also moving to UTI. This will take place from December 4, 2023, over 12 months. The Wind Power program will officially become a UTI one on May 13, 2024. Neither student tuition nor quality should change negatively during this shift.15

Thinking about working with planes or wind turbines? UTI has hands-on programs for both. These fields are growing fast. UTI provides the right kind of training and education for success.1413

Industrial Maintenance and CNC Machining Programs

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) offers more than just transport programs like industrial maintenance and CNC machining. The teach students how to fix different equipment. This includes everything from troubleshooting to repairs.16

The provide in-depth teaching on CNC machine operation, programming, and upkeep. Graduates can work as skilled or technicians.16

Looking to become an industrial technician? UTI has programs at four locations including Canton, MI and Lisle, IL. Each campus has the seven-month Industrial Maintenance Technician course.16 Whether it’s fixing machines in California or Illinois, you have options.16

The Canton campus is near great places like the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Detroit Zoo.16 In Texas, there’s the Houston campus, located in a major energy state. The California campus is close to LA, and the Illinois campus is near Chicago.16

Joining the Industrial Maintenance Technician program means proving you’ve got the right education. This could be a high school diploma, GED, or something similar.16 The enrollment process involves talking with an Admissions Rep and filling out forms.16

UTI doesn’t stop with maintenance. It also has at its Exton campus in Pennsylvania. There’s a 51-week Automotive Tech program and a 45-week Diesel Tech program.17 Want to get into Welding? The 9-month program at UTI Exton can get you there.17

At the Exton campus, get expert training in the latest tech from major brands. This makes you a top pick for employers.17 Also, Exton’s location lets you enjoy big cities and outdoor fun like fishing and camping.17

Industrial Maintenance TechnicianCanton, MI; Houston, TX; Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Lisle, IL7 months
Automotive TechnologyExton, PA51 weeks
Diesel TechnologyExton, PA45 weeks
Welding TechnologyExton, PALess than 9 months

HVACR and Welding Programs

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) trains students in HVACR and welding. These programs prepare students for jobs as HVAC technicians. They learn to install, maintain, and repair systems. The entry-level salary for these jobs in Massachusetts is $48,940 yearly.18The hourly median wage in North Carolina is $24.33. By 2032, the U.S. expects 438,000 people to work in this field.

UTI also provides training in welding. Students learn various welding techniques. UTI’s welding programs help students become professional welders. They can work on different welding tasks to meet industry standards.19The UTI-Austin campus started an HVACR program. The first class began on July 17, 2023. UTI-Austin holds events for those interested in automotive, diesel, HVACR, and welding fields.

ProgramDescriptionCareer Opportunities
HVACR ProgramsTeach the skills to install, maintain, and repair heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems.HVAC Technician, Refrigeration Mechanic, Climate Control Specialist
Welding ProgramsCover various welding techniques and processes, enabling students to develop the skills needed to become professional welders.Welder, Fabricator, Pipe Fitter, Ironworker, Structural Steel Worker

With HVACR and welding programs, UTI gives students what they need to succeed. These high-demand fields offer rewarding careers for those who excel. UTI’s goal is to help students become skilled technicians and tradespeople.

Corporate and Continuing Education Options

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) goes beyond its usual programs to offer corporate and continuing education options. These cater to the changing needs of both industry professionals and partners.

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It works closely with top companies to deliver training that is specific to their needs. This ensures the skills learned match what’s really needed on the job.20

Customized Training for Industry Partners

UTI designs programs that boost the skills of a company’s technicians. These programs are varied, covering everything from new technologies in vehicles to the latest trends in aviation and renewable energy.20

By working together with UTI, companies help their employees learn essential skills. This improves how well their operations run and helps them stay competitive.

Professional Development Courses

UTI also provides a wide array of courses and seminars for professional development. These are aimed at keeping technicians and industry workers updated on the newest tools, methods, and industry standards.20

These chances for ongoing education help boost your knowledge and skills, showcasing your devotion to your career. It’s the perfect way to either broaden your field or get ready for certifications.

Online Learning Opportunities at UTI

UTI provides online courses to help students learn on their terms. You can access learning materials online, go through the lessons at your own pace, and enjoy interactive learning. This format is ideal for those with busy schedules or far from campus.21

UTI’s online programs cover many fields such as automotive and welding. You can study and connect with teachers and classmates online. It’s a great way to learn, especially if you have a job or are in the military.21

We also support students who started on campus but need to switch to online classes. We use top educational technology to ensure you get the best education.21

Interested in online technical education? UTI’s programs might be perfect for you. They’re flexible and designed to help you reach your career dreams.21


Universal Technical Institute (UTI) stands out as a top choice for technical education. It has a vast selection of programs in areas like automotive, diesel, and more. These programs are designed to help students succeed as technicians in their fields.

UTI has 16 campuses all over the United States. This means students can get hands-on training right where they are. Whether you dream of working in cars, trucks, or beyond, UTI is ready to guide you.

The school offers varied technical programs. This includes courses in automotive, diesel tech, and collision repair. They also have programs in motorcycle repair, aviation, and more. UTI’s goal is to train skilled technicians, meeting the industry’s need for talent.



Where is UTI located?

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has 16 campuses all over the U.S. You can find them in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. They are placed in these locations on purpose, so students from different areas can attend.

What programs does UTI offer?

UTI gives a lot of career programs in areas like cars, trucks, collisions, motorcycles, boats, planes, wind power, fixing machines, heating, cooling, and making parts with computers. They focus on hands-on work to get you ready for a successful job as a technician.

How can I find the nearest UTI campus?

To find the closest UTI campus, use the school’s online tool. Just type in your zip code or city and state. The tool will then show you which UTI campuses are nearby.

What are the UTI campus locations by state?

UTI can be found in these states and cities:– Arizona: Avondale (UTI), Phoenix (MMI)– California: Long Beach (UTI), Rancho Cucamonga (UTI), Sacramento (UTI)– Florida: Miramar (UTI), Orlando (UTI), Orlando (Motorcycle & Marine)

Can I tour a UTI campus?

Yes, UTI lets you tour its campuses and learn more if you are thinking about going there. You can arrange a visit or join one of their events. You’ll see the training areas, meet teachers, and learn about their programs up close.

What types of technical education programs does UTI offer?

UTI has many programs that give technical skills, like:– Automotive Technology– Diesel Technology– Collision Repair and Refinishing– Motorcycle and Marine Mechanics– Aviation and Wind Energy– Industrial Maintenance and CNC Machining– HVACR and Welding

Does UTI offer online learning options?

Yes, UTI provides a chance to learn online too. This means you can gain tech skills through the internet. You’ll have virtual classes, materials to study on your own time, and ways to learn interactively.

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